Nila is the owner of the boarding house where Pandji lives. But this doesn’t make Nila indifferent. Nila still cares and reminds Pandji of the value of life she has when Pandji is bored and doubts himself.

Acting as Nila was quite challenging for me. Acting is not an easy thing to do because we have to be clever in determining the appropriate expression and tone. However, acting as Nila is also quite interesting for me because to give the best results, I use a housedress and hair grip which I think is quite funny.

But besides that, there are some moral values that I can learn from Nila. First are care and. In this story, Nila tries to keep encouraging and convincing Pandji. There is also one part which I think is very motivating. It’s the dialogue when Nila said “Even though you are bored, life is still precious. If you keep working hard, you may not find anything, but something will surely find you.” It reminds me that every life that God has given to us is precious. In this life, there’s nothing instant. Every success requires sacrifice and struggle. Therefore, don’t give up easily and always do your best. So, success and happiness will come by itself.

Other than that, there are also many lessons that we can take from the main character, Pandji. Not just working hard, he also remembered to pray to God. Even though in the beginning there’s only a few people that listened to his broadcast, Pandji still gave his best. Because of his totality, in the end, Pandji found the way that led him to achieve his dream.Furthermore, Pandji is someone who never gives up. He dared to step out of his comfort zone and decided to quit his job to reach his dream.


Hello! Colo Troopers must be familiar with the name of Prince Diponegoro, right? Prince Diponegoro who is the son of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono III is one of the heroes who fight for Indonesian independence by leading the Diponegoro War or also known as the Java War. Pangeran Diponegoro was born in Yogyakarta on 11th November 1785.

Pangeran Diponegoro

Although he was born in a royal family, this didn’t make Prince Diponegoro arrogant. Prince Diponegoro was actually known as someone who was close and cared about his people. When he saw his people suffering because of the oppression, Prince Diponegoro bravely stepped out of his comfort zone and fought against the Dutch to protect his people. With strong determination, Prince Diponegoro never gave up fighting and put all his strength to fight against the Dutch.

From here, we can see some similarities between Prince Diponegoro and Pandji. As has been told in the drama, at first, there were only a few people who listened to Pandji’s broadcast. However, this does not make him work carelessly, but he keeps giving his best, like what Prince Diponegoro did. This indirectly shows the responsibility of both of them where Prince Diponegoro is responsible as a leader and Pandji as a broadcaster.

Not only Pandji, the caring character of Prince Diponegoro is also quite relevant to the character of Nila. Even though she is only a boarding house owner, this does not make Nila indifferent. Nila still cares and tries to encourage Pandji not to give up. Even though maybe now we haven’t found our happiness or maybe we haven’t achieved our dreams, if we keep doing our best, that happiness and success will come by itself.


When it comes to civics, the first thing that comes to my mind is Pancasila. Pancasila is the five principles of the Indonesian state. Therefore, I am sure that all of us must be familiar when we hear the word “Pancasila”. Well, in the drama “The Story of Pandji” there are some applications of Pancasila. What are they?

The first is the principle of “Belief in The One and Only God” which is the first principle in Pancasila. It means that we believe in the existence of God and are willing to live according to his teachings. This is very relevant to what Pandji does, where he believes and keeps praying to God.

Furthermore, the second principle of Pancasila which says “A Just and Civilized Humanity” is also relevant to this drama. As we know, the second principles of Pancasila lead us to love each other. This love can be realized by doing simple things. For example, by helping others who are in need. Well, this is related to what Pandji did. Even though he is also in the midst of difficulties, he didn’t forget to keep care and help those around him who were in need. 

Other than that, affection can also be shown by entertaining others who are sad, like what Nila did by reminding and encouraging Pandji to not give up in his dream. Last but not least, other applications of the second principle are about rights and obligations. Apart from accepting his rights, Pandji also keeps doing his obligations as a broadcaster with totality even though at that time, there were only a few people that listened. 


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