Hey! My name is Jessica Gilda from group 2 XII MIPA 8 absent 24. In this assignment for the practical exam, we were assigned to make a drama. Our group, group 2 from class XII MIPA 8, chose a valuable life theme. I played a supporting character named Alice. Alice is one of Pandji’s colleagues who is the main character. Alice does have a few scenes in this drama. But from only a handful of these scenes, the character or character of Alice looks quite clear. From the sentence he said to his co-worker Pandji, “What’s the point of totality even though it’s just a broadcast, it’s not necessarily someone who will listen to it. The broadcast that had a small audience earlier.” When I read the sentence, I could immediately identify his character. Alice is an indifferent person. He is a person who does not have the spirit to fight. Besides, maybe Alice didn’t realize it but what she said to Pandji could break her spirits and make her feel there’s no point in working hard because it’s not going to work. The fact that the radio station they work for is small and the audience watching is also not that much, but it is not a reason to give up and surrender to the situation. He does not know that our life is precious and needs to be fought as hard as possible until we can be successful.

Unlike Alice, Pandji has a fighting spirit and is optimistic. All things done by Pandji must be with totality and not carelessly. Maybe there are times when he is down and feels like a failure. But the most important thing is that he can rise again. It is told in the drama “The Story of Pandji” that there is a famous show who is looking for a host for their upcoming show. It turned out that the producer who handled the event wanted Pandji specifically to be the host of the show. Pandji must have been happy to get the position, but he was confused as to why the producers wanted him specifically. It turned out that the producer accidentally found Pandji even though at that time Pandji was working at a small radio station whose name was not well known. An interesting coincidence. From then on, the producer started listening to Pandji on the radio. After that day, Pandji’s life changed for the better than before and it was because of his hard work and dedication. Pandji knows that life is precious and must be fought for with totality.

Humans are essentially created by God Almighty with all His plans, namely the work of salvation in life. God said, “Let us make man in our image and likeness” (Genesis 1:26). Humans have the highest perfection of all other created beings and God’s favorite treasure. We humans are called and included in God’s work, namely developing and perfecting life. Life is a gift that must be grateful for and accounted for as well as possible. The Lord Jesus was willing to sacrifice death on the cross to save and atone for our sins. Is this still not enough to prove that our life is very, very valuable? We have to fight for our lives. When we feel resigned, tired, and hopeless, get up and get excited again. Remember our life is precious in the eyes of God. Do everything with totality and enthusiasm. Chase our dreams as high as possible and hard work will surely yield the best results.


It is known that Pandji the main character in the story “The Story of Pandji” is a person who always does everything with totality. Pandji has a nature that is willing to fight to achieve his dreams and to be successful. His tenacity and totality reminded me of a national hero who was a total in fighting for Indonesian independence. He is Prince Diponegoro who was born on November 11, 1785 in Yogyakarta, with the real name Raden Mas Ontowiryo. The son of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono III is one of the heroes who is well known as the leader of the Diponegoro War. Prince Diponegoro chose to leave the Mataram palace and preferred to fight for Indonesian independence. In the Chronicle of Cakranegara it is stated, it was Prince Diponegoro himself who refused the title of crown prince of the Mataram Kingdom and gave up the throne for his younger brother RM Ambyah.

Pandji’s struggle is a reflection of the Indonesian warrior figures. Especially Prince Diponegoro who was willing to leave the palace and fight to the last drop of blood to fight for Indonesian independence. His spirit of struggle and willingness to sacrifice is very worthy of thumbs up. He is more concerned with the public interest. His struggle against colonialism was not at all easy. However, Prince Diponegoro was willing to sacrifice himself directly in the war to expel the Dutch. In addition, he also has the courage to take risks and is responsible for the decisions that have been taken.


The drama “The Story of Pandji” contains values ​​related to Civic. In the drama there is a scene where Pandji buys a newspaper that costs five thousand but he gives 200 thousand to a child who sells a newspaper named Dedek. His mother is sick and Dedek needs money for his mother’s medical expenses. With the money that Pandji gave, Dedek was able to pay for his mother’s medical expenses. In addition, with this money, Dedek can also go to school and his merchandise becomes more and more salable. Luckily, Pandji is a generous person and upholds human values, so he wants to help Dedek. Pandji’s small acts of kindness have a big impact on others. Sometimes we also don’t realize that the small kindness we do for others can have a big impact on the lives of others.

Civic is synonymous with social life. Civic Education is expected for Indonesian intellectuals to have a basic personality as democratic, religious, humane and civilized citizens. Civic education is not only a matter of theory but must be directly applied in our daily lives. As did Pandji. Pandji providing assistance to the newspaper seller’s child has reflected the application of the second sila in Pancasila namely “Just and civilized humanity”. His actions show that he upholds human values and does not discriminate whether he is poor or rich, because he considers that all people are equal. Pandji also never arbitrarily with other people.


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