The Story of Pandji

To prepare for the practice exam, our group chose “precious life” as the drama’s theme. The inspirational story for the drama is taken from the true story of Pandji Pragiwaksono about his life journey to become as successful as he is now. The Story of Pandji is the title of this drama, and of course this drama has Pandji as the main character.

Religion Reflection

I got the role of Bella who is a director of a big entertainment company in Indonesia. Bella is described as a strong and disciplined character. She is a woman who always oversees the performance of David, her assistant. Playing the role of Bella, requires me to be able to be firm and authoritative.

Even though Bella is just a side character, there are some values that I can get from her. Caring, patience, and trust. Bella always cares about David’s performance by always asking how he is and asking the progress of David’s work. Not only that, Bella believes in David that he will recruit the best person even if it takes a long time. Bella was always patient by giving David time to prove his words.

In addition, the presence of Bella and David made me realize the importance of effort, dream, and prayer. Pandji is a man who has big ambitions and dreams. After leaving his job, Pandji always tries to find a better job so he can realize his desired career dream. Pandji also prays to God to always be with him. The figures of Bella and David seem to be God’s answer to all of Pandji’s hard work and prayers.

So I learned, when we have dreams, chase them. Keep trying. And we must remember to always pray to God and surrender to Him. If we mean it, God will never leave us. He will always be with us and answer our prayers by giving people like Bella and David in our lives.

History Reflection

The Story of Pandji tells us about how we can appreciate life and make life more meaningful, by igniting the spirit to fight within ourselves. We can see all of that in Pandji. Pandji had felt that he would not succeed and his life would only revolve in the same cycle. But, because of his big dream, Pandji can fight those negative thoughts. He dared to leave his job to find a better job. He hopes that his life and career will be better. Pandji always keeps his fighting spirit in him so that he can be successful like he is now.

This reminds me of one of the national figures, Prince Diponegoro. He refused to continue the throne as King. Diponegoro chose to be more involved with people’s problems and fought for unity. In other words, he chose to go out of his comfort zone to achieve the dream of the life he wanted, just like Pandji. Not only that, Diponegoro was able to raise the spirit of the community to fight the invaders. It is similar to Pandji. The difference is, Pandji is able to raise his own fighting spirit to fight the desperation and ridicule of others.

Not only that, Prince Diponegoro is a religious man. In his life, he strongly adhered to religion. Likewise Pandji, who always puts God first in every step to realize his dreams. Besides Pandji, there are several characteristics of Prince Diponegoro that are relevant to Bella’s character. They are both leaders with strong, authoritative, and caring characters. In leading, Diponegoro always cared about the lives of his people. Likewise Bella who always cares about her assistant.

Civic Reflection

As Indonesian citizens, of course we are familiar with the word Pancasila. Pancasila is the formulation and guideline for the life of the nation and state for all Indonesian people. One of the functions of Pancasila is as the nation’s personality. That means Pancasila is a form of the role of citizens and the character of citizens. Pancasila consists of 5 values, that are divinity, humanity, unity, democracy, and justice.

From the story of The Story of Pandji, I can see two values of Pancasila that are relevant with this drama. First, Belief in the Almighty God, which means believing and fearing God according to their respective beliefs. We can see from Pandji who always prays and obeys his God. In this life we should always obey God and our beliefs. But still respect the beliefs of others who may be different from ours.

And the second one, just and civilized humanity, by helping others. We can find this practice in the scene where Pandji sees Dedek, a newspaper seller. He helps Dedek by giving him extra money and subscribing to Dedek’s newspaper. We, as citizens, should apply human values in our daily lives. Not only by helping others, you can also respect others, respect those who are older, etcetera.

Not only relevant with Pancasila’s values, this drama teaches us how to deal with inner conflicts in life. We should keep fighting even though we are at the lowest point in life. So that success will come to us. Therefore, let us as the nation’s youth develop this fighting spirit and never give up to achieve a bright future.

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