The Downfall (Agama)

At first, we were all deeply saddened to know how stressful the whole entire semester was going to be. So, knowing how all students came to the new semester with a shock full of work. They are bound to procrastinate. We were given this work around the start of January ,by then people were just ready to get over with their last year in high school. Work were given but progress weren’t shown. Though we had our breaks it was soon time for us to do our work. We started working right after a few days give or take less than a week. At the time scripts and what kind of story we want to tell were the biggest hurdle of them all. Given the current situation, to me it looked like the situation were handled at a pace where normally it would be accepted. That was not the case for me , I slacked off and felt bad knowing that I had no contribution in the creation of the script.

The Start Of New Dawn (Agama)

After the realization of my cruelty and misdemeanor on the project. I tried to redeem myself by doing my hardest of work on consulting and creating all the other leftover work. We decided to start recording the video right after our script got accepted and usable for the project. We decided to record for two days straight and everything went smoothly as we worked hard to not waste time that we had left. Surprisingly we were pretty quick on finishing the recording compared to others. This the moment I started to realize the mistakes I’ve done.

The Realization (PKN, Sejarah)

Through the hard work and sheer force, I was able to realize that no results come free. Knowing that hard work is needed to accomplish our dreams. I started to realize that we can’t do things with shortcuts and we cannot just simply rely or depend on others too easily. We sometimes take it too easy ,just because we have someone who is better on our team or more willing to do said work without knowing the repercussions. Sometimes we forget that those person will not always be there when we need them and instead of relying on those kind of person we should strive to become those person instead. Through the teamwork and this work , I came to the realization that everything will go smoothly if we sometimes just forget our weaknesses and start doing our strongpoints in work, this way everyone can shoulder each others weaknesses making a beautiful synergy of work. This way we can all finish and achieve the goal we demanded.

Who is Pandji and Om Deddy?(PKN,Sejarah)

The character Pandji is a representation of who I wanted to become in the future. This character throughout the whole story reflects as a character full of determination, even though he had his downfall and questioning his whole goal, the question is who hasn’t ? We live in a world where perfection is perceived as something that everyone should have. Instead of achieving perfection we should start to look at others hardship this way we can all learn to achieve success. Om deddy is someone who you should perceive as the pinnacle of success , you could say this is the goal of Pandji, the fact that he is able to reach and talk to someone as Om Deddy is success in itself. We sometimes fail to grasp success because we don’t know our own form of success, we can’t reach something we call success if it doesn’t have a form in the first place. The first step of success is to know your goal.

We can see this through history, in where our country heroes such as Ir. Soekarno, Mohmmad Hatta, dll. Their goal was not only for the justification and independence, but for the whole survival of Indonesian people, culture and tradition. Not only do we need some form goal we need some kind of ideology to live our lives with, this can be achieved through religion or through nationalism in where we can use the pancasila to live our live. Through straightforward and ideal ideology we can live life in a manner suited for peace.

Mapel: Agama, Sejarah, PKN


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