English script

Scene 1 :


Pandji, who is currently at the peak of his career, is currently on the famous live podcast hosted by Om Deddy. With a welcoming audience, Pandji gave a few words and told about his life journey.


Om Deddy : “Good Morning Viewers, Have you ever wondered how Pandji became as successful as he is today?”

Om Deddy : ” If the answer is yes, then you are in luck, because we are here today with Pandji”

Om Deddy : “ Let us welcome him today with a great applause!”

Pandji : “Hello hello, good morning everyone! What a great day today, thank you very much to everyone who has attended. Honestly, a lot of my friends ask me, “Pandji, how did you end up being like this? What did you do? Who is the figure behind Pandji’s success?” Today I will tell you the journey on  how I got to be like this. At that time …”


Scene 2 :


Flashback to 10 years ago, when Pandji was doing his morning routine and  getting ready to go to work. Every time he works, he does it with totality. Today is no different. He walked swiftly out of his boarding house and said goodbye to the boarding house’s landlord (Nila).


Pandji : “I’ll be going now, ma’am.”

Nila : “Alright Ji, be careful on the road.” 


He works as an announcer for a small program at a local radio station. He entered his studio, checked the equipment, made coffee, and sat down to prepare to start the broadcast.


Pandji : “Good morning audiences, back again with me, Pandji and my partner, Kevin, on this morning’s show.”

Kevin : “Yes, today we want to discuss Pangeran Diponegoro, a hero who led the War of Java from 1825-1830.”


End of transmission


Kevin   : “Wow, turns out this Diponegoro guy is really cool. Not only is he able to rally his army’s morale, he is able to lead them into battle as well. If we want to become a leader, we must be able to raise our army’s spirits.”

Pandji   : “Yes that is true, we also can’t just lead without any care or thought. Okay guys, we’re going to end it here for now, I can’t believe we’ve been accompanying you guys for 1 hour. Keep that smile on you and enjoy your life. Peace out!!”


Scene 3 :


When Pandji was broadcasting on air, someone on the road who was driving happened to hear Pandji’s broadcasting. His name is David, an assistant manager at one of the largest entertainment companies in Indonesia. David was very interested in Pandji because he was broadcasting with such energy, enthusiasm, and totality. David believes that Pandji is a great person, even though he has never met Pandji.


David : “Interesting, this person is so dedicated. From the way he talks, I could tell that he’s giving it his all to attract his audience. Hmm… interesting. I have to try to meet him.”


Not long after, the chief executive called David.


David : “Hello, good morning Ms. Bella, how may I help you?”

Bella : “Good morning David, how is the development of the project so far? What stage are you at?”

David : “It’s almost finished ma’am, all that’s left is the recruitment phase and we can finally finish the project.”

Bella : “Okay good, please finish it quickly.”

David : “Yes ma’am, I will handle it.”

David thought about how he could contact Pandji.


Scene 4 :


Pandji prepares his stuff. Before he was able to go home, he was called by his boss. It turns out that today is the time that Pandji receives his paycheck. 


Eko : “Pandji, when you’re done, come to my office.”

Pandji : “Me? Okay, Mr. Eko.”

Kevin : “Hayo Ji, what did you do? Why is the boss calling you ?”

Alice : “Pandji was called by the boss? Oh no, goodluck.”

Pandji : “I don’t know ,what did I do?”

Alice : “If you don’t mind me asking, why do you do your broadcasts with such totality?  It’s just a broadcast. It’s very unlikely that anyone is even listening to it.”

Alice : “In fact, the last broadcast only had a small audience.”

Pandji : “Ya ilah, It’s a job, you have to do it with totality. Just imagine all the celebrities like Om Deddy being interested in me. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be invited to meet him in real life.”

Kevin : “HAHAHAHAH, seriously bro? You’re dreaming.”

Pandji : “You’ll see.”


Pandji walks to the boss’ room. In hiad, he thinks about whether or not his friends were right. He feels that working hard is useless since he is not going to succeed.


Eko : “Okay, Pandji please come in.”

Pandji : “Hello sir, anything i can help you with?”

Eko : “Please sit down. How long have you been working here?”

Pandji : “To this day, almost 3 years sir.”

Eko : “I see. Well, I saw you pour your heart out for today’s broadcast. I believe such hard work deserves a bonus, so I’m giving you one today.”

Pandji : “Oh really? Ahem, I mean, thankyou sir.”

Eko : “ Have you ever thought about pursuing your own dreams and career?”

Pandji : “Of course sir. But would you really let me quit the company?”

Eko : “Very well. For that reason, I will give you my permission. Just keep our company’s rules in mind. Your resignation letter has to be submitted at least 30 days before the resignation date.”

Pandji : “Thankyou sir, don’t worry, I’ll keep my responsibilities.”

Eko : “Right, that’s all I have for you. You may continue your day.”

Pandji : “Thank you sir.”


Scene 5 :


1 month later…


Pandji : “I’ll be going now sir.”
Eko : “Goodluck nji. I’ll be waiting for news from you ,when you find your dream job.”

Pandji : “I’ll make sure to inform you. Thank you very much sir.” 


Scene 6 : 


On his way home, Pandji pondered on the best way he could get closer to his dream and career. On a red light intersection, he met a child selling newspapers. He felt compassion for the kid, and took out an envelope he received from his boss. He folded a 200.000 rupiah note under a 5000 rupiah one.


Pandji : “Hey kid! I’ll buy one paper.”

Dedek : “Okay, which one do you want?”

Pandji : “Give me whatever is interesting.”

Dedek : “Got it. Here, Lui Press. Its 5000”

Pandji : “Here’s the money. Oh, I’ll be regular with you. If you have anything interesting, call me on this number.”

Dedek : “Aw Yippee. Thanks big bro.”


The kid took the money eagerly. As he unfolded the 5000 note, he saw the 200.000 note underneath. He was utterly shocked. He looked up to thank  Pandji, but he had already walked away. The boy jumped in excitement for money.


Scene 7 :


From that day onward, Pandji would write down his dreams and continue looking for a higher level job so he could achieve his dreams. He never forgets to pray to God to be at his side. As day by day went by so quickly, however, Pandji had not found a fitting job. On the other hand….


Bella : “David, how’s your progress?

David : “I’m sorry ma’am, I need another week.”

Bella : “Fine, you can have another week.”


David, who desperately wants Pandji in his project, is having trouble contacting let alone meeting  Pandji. He has spread information about this gig through pamphlets and other promotions but to this day Pandji doesn’t seem to have noticed. A week passes….


Bella : “David, is it not done yet?”

David : “I’m truly sorry ma’am, but I have yet to find a single person fitting for this job.”

Bella : “There are 200 applicants for this job, and you are completely sure that none of them are a better option?”

David :  “Give me another week, and if I fail to get Pandji on-board by then, I will choose from the applicants.”

Bella : “Is this Pandji even worth the time?”

David : “I guarantee he’s our best option.”


Scene 8 :


One afternoon, David went out to find a good place to eat. On his way, he met a little boy who was selling newspapers. David felt sorry for the little boy so he bought the newspaper.


David: “Boy, I would like to buy one newspaper.”

Dedek : “Okay sir, which newspaper do you want?”

David : “Whichever one is okay,just make sure it’s interesting.”

Dedek : “Okay sir, Lui 1 newspaper, the total price would be 5 thousand rupiah.”

David: “Here’s 50 thousand, you can keep the change.”

Dedek: “Thank you very much, sir. Wait, do you want to subscribe to my newspaper service or not?”

David: “Is it possible?”

Dedek: “Yes, for example like this person.”

David: “Wait. Pandji.. Pragiwaksono..?”

Dedek: “Why sir?”

David: “Oh no, it’s okay, I’ll also be a regular. Here’s my phone number.”

Dedek : “Okay sir, thank you very much.”


Scene 9 :


Pandji lies down in his room and thinks. He is really bored with his life right now. It’s as if life is worthless and that there’s nothing new in this world anymore. He feels that life is meaningless, since nothing interesting is happening in his life right now. He hit the wall of his room so hard that it woke Miss Nila up.


Nila : “Ji, What was that noise?”

Pandji : “Oh, Nothing ma’am, I accidentally hit my hand just now.”

Nila : “What’s wrong, Ji? It’s okay, just tell me.”

Pandji : “Hmmmm, I’m tired ma’am. I’m bored with my life. There’s so many things that I can’t get. I keep trying but I’m never able to find my passion and what I really want.”

Pandji : “Trust me Ji, even if you’re bored, life is still precious. I’m sure, if you keep working hard, you may not find anything, but something will surely find you.”

Pandji : “But ma’am, I’m always totality with what I’m doing, but the outcome is always the same. Maybe what my friends’ said was right. I just want to give up.”

Nila : “Pandji, wait!”


Pandji decided to take a walk to clear his mind, he saw the newspaper boy to whom he had given money. It looked like he had just been from school and is now on his way home. Pandji was surprised, and he immediately approached him.


Pandji : “Hey, kid.”

Dedek : “Hello big bro, I just got home from school, I’m trying to sell some papers now.”

Pandji : “Oh so you just went to school?”

Dedek : “Well yes. Because of your idea of getting regular customers, my business is expanding. If you hadn’t done that, I won’t be able to sell as many papers. Wow, thank you so much!”

Pandji : “You’re welcome, kid. See you around.”

Dedek : “Alright bro. Wow, I’m finally going to be able to afford mom’s medication.”


Pandji was left speechless when he heard what the boy said and he finally realized that life is precious. Pandji couldn’t imagine what would happen to the boy if he didn’t run into him. Finally, Pandji realized, he just had to wait and keep working as hard as he could.


Pandji : “I’m sorry I lashed out, ma’am. What you said was right, my life is precious. I am going to keep working hard.”

Nila : “That’s the spirit, I know you can.”

Pandji : “Thanks ma’am, I’ll prove to everyone that I’m capable of being successful!”


That night before Pandji went to sleep, He checked his email and he received a job offer from someone named David. He was shocked because the company that was offering the job to him was one of the biggest in Indonesia. He cried and thanked God.


Scene 10 :


Pandji did the audition and he was shown to be the best. From that moment on, Pandji’s life was different. As time went on, Pandji’s popularity grew. He became a wiser man and in the end, he was able to reach the peak of his career. Cut back to the current time where Pandji is on stage.


Om Deddy : “Well, that is the story of a man called Pandji Pragiwaksono.He started off as a nobody,but because of his hard work and totality, he is able to be here.”

Pandji : “Let me ask you a question my friends. What if I didn’t do anything with totality? I might still be questioning my life. I won’t be here at this point of my life. It is for that reason my friend that I invite everyone here to work hard. Here is a quote to close out my speech, “Life is something precious, You will never know when you’re going to lose it. Live life while you still can, because you will never know whether or not this is your final moment.” I’m Pandji Pragiwaksono, Thank you and See you next time.”


Cheerful clapping commences, followed by a flash mob by all the actors entitled Terhebat – Coboy Junior.